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TCB0001Plus: Deluxe Edition Pandora's Box 4S HDMI Multi-game Arcade Console (Sold Out)

TCB0001Plus: Deluxe Edition Pandora's Box 4S HDMI Multi-game Arcade Console (Sold Out)
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The Pandora's Box Retro Arcade Game Console is a compact and portable gaming device that allows you to play 680 retro arcade games at home or anywhere your friends want to battle.

All the classics are built-in and ready to go, no modification necessary. Just plug the unit into your Television or Monitor with a HDMI or VGA Cable (both included) and your all set.

Includes classics like The King of Fighters, Metal Slug, Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Double Dragon, Puzzle Bobble, Pocket Fighter, Megaman, Donkey Kong, X-Men and hundreds more!

If you don't the have room for an expensive stand-up arcade and want to play all of the classic retro titles anywhere you want, then this is the machine for you!

This is the deluxe edition with the following unique upgrades.
  • The joy stick is upgraded to oval type as used in US arcade machines.
  • The game console is the newly developed slim body with all metal construction.
  • Can be used as PS3 / PC / XBOX 360 arcade stick.
  • English Version

  • Quality built arcade console with all metal construction. Weight 17LB.
  • Slim body (L 30" x W 9.5" x H 1.4 ~ 1.95")
  • Internal Speaker with volume control
  • HDMI supports both video and audio signal
  • Connection to any TV/Monitor via HDMI or VGA Cable (included)
  • pre-installed with 680 Games
  • High quality jocticks & buttons for 1 or 2 Players
  • Fast loading times
  • Extensive menu with game previews
  • Coin Op or Free Play Mode
  • Standard or High Resolution output
  • Professional grid layout
  • Perfect arcade emulation

  • 1 x Game Console with built-in controllers
  • 1 x HDMI Cable
  • 1 x VGA Cable
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Power Adapter (Input: AC 100 ~ 245V Output: DC 12V/11W)
  • 2 x Power Plugs (3 prong and 2 prong plugs included)
  • 6 x Spare Buttons (5 x standard buttons and 1 x 1P/2P button)
  • 2 x upgraded Oval Joystick heads

    Pandoras Box 4s - Game List
    1941 1942 1943 1943Kai 1944-The Loop Maste 1945KIII 19XX 2020 Baseball 64Th Street Acrobat Mission Act-Fancer Aero Fighters Aero Fighters 2 Aero Fighters 3 Air Attack Air Buster Air Duel Air Gallet Alien Challenge Alien Storm Alien Vs Predator Aliens Alpha Mission II Altered Beast Ambush Amidar Andro Dunos Aquajack Aquarium Arcadia Arkanoid Armed Police Batride Armored Warriors Art Of Fighting Art Of Fighting 2 Art Of Fighting 3 Asuka & Asuka Asura Blade Atomic Point Aurail Avenging Spirit Back Street Soccer Balloon Brothers Bang Bang Busters Bang Bead Baseball Stars Baseball Stars 2 Batman Batsugun Battlantis Battle Bakraid Battle Circuit Battle City Battle Flip Shot Battle Garegga Battle K-Road Bay Route Bee Storm Bells & Whistles Berlin Wall Best Of Best Bestri Big Striker Bio-Ship Paladin Biomechanical Toy Black Heart Black Tiger Blade Master Blandia Blaze On Blazing Star Block Block Block Carnival Block Hole Blomby Car Blood Bros Blood Warrior Bloxeed Blue Hawk Blue'S Journey Bomb Jack Bomb Kick Bomber Man World Bombjack Twin Bonk's Adventure Bonze Adventure Boogie Wings Bottom Of The Ninth Boulder Dash Bouncing Balls Breakers Breakers Revenge Bubble Bobble Bubble Bobble II burger time Burning Fight Cadillacs&Dinosaurs Cadillacs&Dinosaurs2 Capcom Sports Captain Commando Captain Tomaday Carrier Air Wing Caveman Ninja centipede Chain Reaction Charlie Ninja Chimera Beast China Town Choky! Choky! Circus Charlie Come Back Toto condor Congo Bongo Contra Cookie & Bibi Cookie & Bibi 2 Cookie & Bibi 3 Cotton Crazy Fight Crossed Swords Crude Buste Crush Cth2003 Cth2003 Super Plus Cybattler Cyber-Lip Cyberbots Daioh Dangun Feveron Dark Kombat Dark Tower Dead Connection Demon's World Desert Breaker Diamond Run Diet Go Go Dig Dug Dig Dug 2 Digger Man Dimahoo Diver Boy Dodonpachi Dai Dodopachi Dogyuun Don Doko Don Donkey Kong Donkey Kong 3 Donkey Kong Junior Donpachi Double Dragon Double Dragon Double Dragon II Double Dragon III Double Dragon Plus Dragon Breed Dragon Unit Dragonball Z Dragonball Z 2-Super Battle Dragonninja Dream Soccer 94 Dungeons & Dragons Dungeons & Dragons II Dynasty Wars E-Swat - Cyber Police Earth Defense Force Eco Fighters Edward Randy Eight Forces Eight Man Esp Ra.De. Espgaluda Euro Champ Explosive Breaker Extreme Downhill F-1 Dream Fancy World Fatal Fury Fatal Fury 2 Fatal Fury 3 Fatal Fury Special Fight Feve Final Fight Final Tetris Fire Hawk Fix Eight Flying Tiger Football Champ Football Frenzy Forgotten Worlds Frogger Funky Jet Gaia Crusaders Galaga galaga'88 Galaga3 Galaxian Part 1 Galaxian Part 2 Galaxy Fight Galmedes Gang Busters Ganryu Genix Family Ghost Pilots Ghosts'n'Goblins Ghouls'n Ghosts Giga Wing Goal!Goal!Goal! Golden Axe Got-Cha Mini Game Gowcaizer Grind Stormer Growl Guardian Storm Guardians Gulf Storm Gun.Smoke Gunbarich Gunbird Gunbird 2 Gundamex Gundhara Gunforc2 Gunforce Gunnail Gururin Guwange Gyruss Hammerin' Harry Hard Head Hatch Catch Head Panic Hellfire Hook Hotdog Storm Huo Fenghuang Hyper Pacman Hyper Street Fighter II In The Hunt J.J. Squawkers Jackie Chan Jackie Chan 2 Joe & Mac Returns Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Jojo's Venture JR Pacman Jump Kids Jumping Pop Juno first Kabuki Klash Kabuki Klash Boss Karate Blazers Karian Cross Karnodv'S Revenge Ken-go King Of Gladiator King Of The Monsters King Of The Monsters 2 Kingdom Grandprix Kizuna Encounter Knights Of The Round Knights Of The Round2 Knights Of Valour Knights Of Valour 2 Knights of Valour 2 Dragons Knights Of Valour 2 Plus Knights Of Valour Plus Knights Of Valour Splus Knights Of Valour Super Heroes Knights Of Valour Ytzy1 Knights Of Valour Ytzy2 Knuckle Bash KOF10Th Extra Plus KOF10Th Unique II KOF2000 KOF2000 Plus KOF2001 KOF2001 Plus KOF2002 KOF2002 ICE BLUE KOF2002 Magic KOF2002 Magic II KOF2002 Plus KOF2002 Super KOF2003 KOF2004 Hero KOF2004 Ultra Plus KOF94 KOF95 KOF95+ KOF96 KOF96+ KOF97 KOF97 Plus KOF97 Plus 2003 KOF98 KOF98 Ultimate KOF98 Ultra Leona KOF99 KOF99 Boss KOF99 Combo KOF99 Ultra Plus KOF99+ Kov 2007 Kov 2007 Power Fast Kov Plus Power Fast Kov QunYingZhuan Kov Super Heros F Kov Super Heros Z Kung-Fu Master Lady Bug Lady frog Lansquenet 2004 Last Duel Last Resort League Bowling Legend Of Silkroad Legend Success Joe Liquid Kids Mad Shark Magic Bubble Magic Sword Magical Cat Adventure Magical Crystals Magical Drop II Magical Drop III Magician Lord Mang-Chi mappy Mario Bros Mark Of Wolves Mars Matrix Martial Masters Marvel Super Heroes Marvel Vs Capcom Marvel Vs S_Fighter Masked Riders Mazinger Z Mega Blast Mega Man Mega Man 2 Mega Twins Metal Black Metal Saver Metal Slug Metal Slug 2 Metal Slug 2+ Metal Slug 3 Metal Slug 3+ Metal Slug 4 Metal Slug 4 Plus Metal Slug 5 Metal Slug 5 Plus Metal Slug 6 Metal Slug 6 Plus Metal Slug X Metal Slug X+ Metal Slug+ Metamoqester Metamorphic Force Michael Jackson's Mighty! Pang Mille Miglia Mille Miglia 2 Millipede Missing In Action Missing In Action II Mobile Suit Gundam Money Puzzle Ex Moon Cresta More More Plus Moremore Mr. Do's Castle Ms Pacman Ms Pacman Part1 Mug Smashers Multi 5 Multi Champ Mutant Fighter Mutation Nation Mystic Riders Mystic Warriors Nam-1975 Naname De Magic Nemo Neo Bomber Man Neo Driftout Neo Mr,Do! Neo Turf Masters Neogeo Cup 98 New Rally X NewZealand Story Nightmare Ninja Baseball Batman Ninja Combat Ninja Commando Ninja Kids Ninja Master's Nitro Ball Nostradamus Oh My God! Omega Fighter Oriental Legend Oriental Legend Special Plu Oriental Legend Super Osman Out Zone Over Top P-47-The Phantom Fighter Pac-Man Pac-Man Plus Pang! 3 Pangpang Panic Bomber Pass pengo Penguin Brothers phoenix Photo Y2K Pinball Action Pirates Pleasure Goal Pleiads Pnickies Pochi And Nyaa Pocket Fighter Pocket Gal Deluxe Pollux Ponpoko Pooyan Pop'n Bounce Power Instinct Power Instinct 2 Power Instinct Legends Power Spikes II Prehistoric Isle Prehistoric Isle 2 Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Prisoners Of War Progear Pulirula Pulstar Punk Shot Puzz Loop 2 Puzzle & Action Ichidan-R Puzzle & Action Tant-R Puzzle Bobble Puzzle Bobble 2 Puzzle Bobble-T Puzzle Break Puzzle De Bowling Puzzle De Pon! Puzzle De Pon!R Puzzle Fighter II T Puzzle Fighter II X Puzzle King Puzzle Star Puzzle Up Poko Puzzled Joy Joy Kid PuzzLove Qix R-TYPE R-Type II R-Type LEO Rage Of Dragons Ragnagard Raiden Rambo IIII Real Bout Real Bout 2 Real Bout SP Red Earth Red Hawk Rezon Riding Hero Ring Of Destruction Riot Riot City Robo Army Robocop Robocop 2 Rod-Land Rohga Armor Force Rollergames Ryu Jin S.S.Mission Saboten Bombers Samurai Aces Samurai Shodown Samurai Shodown 2 Samurai Shodown 3 Samurai Shodown 4 Samurai Shodown 5 Savage Reign Scramble Sd Fighters Sd Gundam Neo Battling Search Eye Search Eye Plus Sel Feena Sengoku Sengoku 2 Sengoku 3 Sengoku 3+ SfII-Championedition SfII-Hyper Fighting SfII-Rainbow Set 1 SfII-Rainbow Set 2 SfII-Red Wave SfII-T Hy Fighting SfII-Theworldwarrior SfII-Tu Long Shadow Dancer Shadow Force Shadow Warriors Shao-Lin's Road Shinobi / FZ-2006 Shock Troopers Shock Troopers 2 Shocking Side Pocket Silent Dragon Simpsons Sky Smasher Slam Masters Slap Shot Snapper Snk Vs Capcom Snk Vs Capcom Plus Snow Bros Snow Brothers 2 Snow Brothers 3 Soccer Brawl Sol Divide Solitary Fighter Solomon's Key Sorcer Striker Space Invaders Dx Special Project Y Speed Spin Spin Master Spin Master + Spinal Breakers Stadium Hero Stagger Stakes Winner Stakes Winner 2 Strato Fighters street fighter Street Fighter Alpha Street Fighter II M2 Street Fighter II M4 Street Fighter II M5 Street Fighter II M6 Street Fighter II M7 Street Fighter III Street Fighter III 2Nd Street Fighter III 3Rd Strike Street Fighter Zero Street Fighter Zero2 Street Fighter Zero3 Street Hoop Street Smart Streetfighter Alpha2 Streetfighter Alpha3 Strider Strike Gunner Strikers 1945 Strikers 1945 II Strikers 1945 III Strikes 1945 Plus Strikes 1945 Plus+ Sunset Riders Super Baseball Super Bobble Bobble Super Breakout Super Cobra Super Contra Super Dodge Ball Super Happy 6In1 Super Macross Super Mario Bros. super pacman Super Pang Super Sidekicks Super Sidekicks 2 Super Sidekicks 3 Super Stfighter II Super Stfighter II T Super Stfighter II X Super Trio Super Volleyball Super-X Superior Soldiers Superman Surprise Attack Swat Police Tang Tang Tank force Tao Taido Tecmo World 96 Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Tengai Tetris Tetris Master 2 The Combatribes The End The Killing Blade Plus The King Of Dragons The Last Blade The Last Blade 2 The New Revolution The Punisher The Super Spy The Ultimate 11 Thrash Rally Three Wonders Thunder Thunder Dragon Thunder Dragon 2 Thunder Fox Thunder Heroes Thunder Zone Thundercade Time Pilot Tokon Matrimelee Top Hunter Top Player's Golf Toppy & Rappy Truxton Truxton II Tumble Pop Turbo Force Twin Action Twinkle Twinkle Star Sprites U.N. Squadron Ultra Balloon Ultraman Club Undercover Cops Us Aaf Mustang Va Night Warriors Vampire Hunter Vampire Hunter 2 Vampire Hunter 2 Vampire Savior Van-Van Car Vandyke Vapor Trail Varth Vendetta Video Huslter Viewpoint Violent Storm Waku Waku 7 War Of Aero Warriors Of Fate Warriors Of Fate 3Js Wild Fang Wild West C.O.W.-Boys Willow Windjammers Wonder Boy Wonder Boy III Wonderboy in monsterland World Cup 90 World Heroes World Heroes 2 World Heroes Jet World Heroes Perfect WWF Superstars X Multiply X-Men X-Men X-Men Vs SF Xevious Zed Blade Zero Wing Zing Zing Zip Zupapa

  • TCB0001Plus: Deluxe Edition Pandora's Box 4S HDMI Multi-game Arcade Console (Sold Out)
    TCB0001Plus: Deluxe Edition Pandora's Box 4S HDMI Multi-game Arcade Console (Sold Out)

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    TCB0001Plus: Deluxe Edition Pandora's Box 4S HDMI Multi-game Arcade Console (Sold Out)