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Arkon CM745 Powered GPS Ready Mount for XDA I, XDA II

Arkon CM745 Powered GPS Ready Mount for XDA I, XDA II
Item # CM700+CA845+CA011
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Product Description:
1. The Arkon Powered GPS Ready Mount has serial connection that supports most GPS receivers on the market.

2. It is universal. When you upgrade the PDA, you just purchase a new PDA cable rather than purchasing a new mount.

3. An integrated PDA charger unit with built in speaker - It securely holds and charge your PDA, while also improving the sound output making GPS voice commands and other digital sounds louder and clearer through the integral speaker. You can drive in complete comfort without you having to worry about missing the instruction from a PDA speaker.

4. With a 9" swivel windshield pedestal, driver/passenger readability is always assured.

5. It can charge your Bluetooth GPS receiver with included charging cable comptible with GPS below.

  • i.Trek M3 BT GPS
  • Dell GPS
  • Leadtek 9537
  • Royaltek RBT-3000
  • Royaltek RBT-1000
  • Emtac/Socket BT GPS
  • Globalsat BT-308, BT-318, BT-338
  • CoPilot TravRoute
  • TomTom Wireless GPS
  • SysOn Bluetooth GPS Receiver (SOC2S03)

    Product Specification:


     Arkon CM700 Powered GPS Ready Mount
    Power input   12V-24 V DC
    Input Power cord - Integrated cigarette lighter cord
    Mounting 9" swivel suction cup pedestal
    PDA charging  5.2V, 1200 mAH  DC
    DC output 5.4 V, 600 mAH DC
      4.0 mm DC jack
    Receiver connection  RJ-11
    Speaker   2.0 Watts
    Volume control   Yes
    Audio In:                          2.5 mm Jack
    Available Color Grey
    GPS Optional GPS Adapter Cable
    Weight 5 oz
    Additional Features    Optional Vent Clip
      PS/2 GPS cable adaptors available
      Bluetooth Receiver Charging
    Available Models Dell X5
    iPAQ 22xx/38xx/39xx/41xx/55xx/6300
    Dell Axim X5/X3/X3i/X30
    Asus A600/A620/A620BT/716/730
    Palm Tungsten T/T2/T3
    Treo 600

    Package Includes:
    1 x Powered GPS Ready PDA Mount Cradle

    1 x 9" Windshield Swivel Pedestal

    1 x PDA data cable

    1 x BT GPS charging cable

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