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OtterBox 1934 BlackBerry 8100 Pearl Defender Case

OtterBox 1934 BlackBerry 8100 Pearl Defender Case
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Product Description:
“BlackBerry smartphones are used by many different types of customers, including field service representatives who sometimes work in harsher environments. Accessories such as the OtterBox 1934 and 1935 maintain usability while providing the users with a sleek, slim fit protector, “said Jeff McDowell, Vice President of Global Alliances, Research In Motion.

As part of the Defender Series line the OtterBox 1934 for BlackBerry Pearl 8100 is a semi-rugged, fully-interactive case that enables complete usability of the trackball and camera in a sleek, slim fit design for distinguished protection.

Defender Series: Bringing sexy back! A distinct line of semi-rugged, slim fit cases that offers complete user interaction in an attractive look and feel. Cases shield from dust, dirt and drops in a thin yet protective design. Great for people on-the-go and those looking to defend their device without added bulk!

NOTE: This case includes a belt clip holster. To use this correctly, make sure that the front of your phone faces TOWARD YOUR HIP while in the holster. This means that the screen would be facing toward the belt clip.

Ideal for frequent travelers, business professionals and everyday enthusiasts. Three protective layers provide bump, scratch and drop protection:

  • Layer 1: Thermal formed protective clear membrane to safeguard screen and keyboard against scratching as well as dust and dirt* (layer optional depending on the level of ruggedization desired).
  • Layer 2: Hi-impact polycarbonate shell.
  • Layer 3: Silicone skin absorbs bump and shock (silicone includes innovativeretaining features to hold it in place).

    Note: This case is not fully protected against water. The case will provide some protection against water and dust. This case is not intended for underwater use.

  • OtterBox 1934 BlackBerry 8100 Pearl Defender Case

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