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i.Trek PDA Battery Extender (Pocket PC PDAs)

i.Trek PDA Battery Extender (Pocket PC PDAs)
Item # PDA-B001
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PDA-Plug Adapter
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NiMh batteries are recommend for best result

Product Description:
Fed up with the running out of power on your Pocket PC PDAs?

Wish you had the battery life of a PALM device? This is the must have Pocket PC PDA Accessory for you!

The battery extender will:

1. Universal fit for
  • iPAQ 3100/3600/3700
  • iPAQ 3800/3900/5400/2200/4100/4300/rx3100/rx3700/rz1700/hx4700/63xx (with connector that comes with iPAQ)
  • Cassiopeia E200/EM500/E125
  • Toshiba E310/E330/E335/E550/E570/E740/E750/E755/E400/E800
  • Audiovox Maestro
  • Sharp Zaurus
  • Dell Axim (not Dell X50)
  • Sony PSP

    2. Fits 4 x AA NiMh, NiCd rechargable batteries and Alkaline Batteries (for Cassiopeia)

    3. ON/OFF switch to prevent power leakage when not in use

    Package Includes:
    Battery Extender X 1

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